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New Beginning..

A new day means a fresh chapter in your Book of Life…

At dusk when the sun just sets and leaves the sky in beautiful hues of blue, the entire surrounding and every minute aspect of nature acknowledges it, from the tiny insects to the birds who fly to their nests calling it a day; the chatter of the crickets start and night blossoms open up while morning flowers curl themselves up..and within no time the morning has turned into the night , the sun has gone and the moon takes its place and shines its light over the now darkened skies and twilight stars appear as if smiling at us and glad and happy that the sun has left and now they can show off their glitter…I enjoy this entire transition phase, nature seems to amuse me, surprise me and delight me in every small little detail..the on set of the night does not seem to hamper my hopes, it lifts my spirits up, not because I’m a fan of the night but because I know that tomorrow, yet again the transition would take place and the romantic night would surrender itself and give in to the bright morning..

At dawn the sun would rise and scare away the darkened hues of the sky and turn it into a feast of amber and orange colors , the stars would hide away and the moon would prepare to set itself , the night blossoms would go back into their sleep and so would the owls and bats and the morning fllowers would rustle up and impatiently wait for that first ray of light to open up and show their beauty  to the world..and a  new day had began already..

I think Mother Nature tries to explain us something that we tend to forget, that is a new day for new experiences and new mistakes to make, it doesn’t matter what we did yesterday, we can always make amends tomorrow, every day teaches us something new and that spending today in regretting what we did yesterday would only screw up whatever we have instead accept the mistakes gracefully and start making amends now, to do what you want and to do it now or else you ‘d always be regretting that why didn’t you ever do it, when you could..

It was one such dusk and dawn that inspired to me to do  what I had lost somewhere in my routine life, to do that what I loved immensely, by taking out time from my day to day life, to write…


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9 thoughts on “New Beginning..

  1. shrutika on said:

    wow it was so nice…felt so pleasant 🙂

  2. i like it!!!

  3. all i can say is this cant b u writing…cz its fantastic..hehehe

  4. nice read.. It really made me feel that every day in our life is diffrent and very special… new day, new beginning, new mistakes, new happiness, new changes.. 🙂 God Bless & Good Luck!

  5. beautiful post.. keep writing.

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