Thoughts of just another girl

just my thoughts

some disappointments…

Ugh!! I totally hate myself!!

How do u end up falling back on your own deadlines??How do u end up gettng screwed in your freakingly busy life schedule so much that you don’t end up giving time to that what is your passion and dream??How could you get so worked up and ignore one of the most important things?

This is so seriously not done!!

And i hate myself so so so much!! 😦

Sometimes life just works in a way to keep you away from what you most dearly want, i think in a way its trying to make you realise your priorities.. And sometimes its simply just messing with you!!

Life plays stupid tricks and ruins your plans just to see how you deal with it, whether you are dissappointed or try working up a way to get what you want..

At times i feel i failed in this case since i didnt end up writing as much as i thought i would and as much as i love writng for the fact that it makes me ‘ME’, as much as i ws excited about the blog, i didnt reach upto my OWN limits- i had hought of writing atleast once a month but clearly i had a problem with Mr.Time..I’m pretty sure evryone has a problem with him…

(Sigh!!) But anyway as the proverb goes – ” its better late than never ” 

                     and i hope to put up some really beautiful posts soon!! 🙂


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