Thoughts of just another girl

just my thoughts


Since a Kid , I loved writing and now I’m so caught up in my day to day work,that I have lost all touch with writing.. this blog is about writing… about expressing my thoughts …. simply about what i think at times..

I don’t know whether they would be meaningful or not, whether they matter or not but I know would I’d feel a sense of  peace to know that my words are out there and if someone would find it useful, my purpose achieved..

About me…

for those who don’t know me, i come across to be a very difficult girl, hard for them to understand and sometimes a girl with an attitude or just rude or shy or reserved or quiet and mending her own business types..

but for my close buddies and few other ‘s who do know me, I’m simply a stupid dumb girl who can’t manage to walk without falling , who sometimes fails to understand the most simplest of all jokes, who could talk so much that they would literally want to shut her mouth, who cant say a funny incident without laughing in the middle, who would end up eating their heads if she knew they were upto something..

shy, reserved, quiet

talkative, crazy and a li’l mad

I’d say I’m all of that and some more

Though I wouldn’t open up myself even this much generally, I believe this is a start and what the heck,its my blog..

Thank you for stopping by…



2 thoughts on “About

  1. hehehe….ya its ur blog u dont need to stop now…go on my bff….<3

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