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A Start of something…

Well, this is a start and I hope that this goes on.


As a young and naive kid, I had dreamt of being a writer and since I loved writing up the essays that we were assigned in school, it seemed to be the most appropriate choice of work, and then I grew up.

While priorities changed, the love for writing kept warring with my mind’s practical decision of getting into a less creative, more money minded profession of finance.

It was too much to handle and the grief of not writing, of not touching the pen to the paper or as in recent times, not using the keyboard keys for pleasure writing used to eat me alive.

But who has the time?

In my profession, you hardly have free time and how can you manage to use it into something as constructive but equally time consuming as writing?

But then there used to be a dark cloud always hovering around me. I loved writing. No, strike that. I love writing.

I love it simply because I need it and I find pleasure in writing it, especially the random stranded articles that keep building up in my head. Sometimes, I’m surprised at what all I come up with and wish to God, life would be so much simpler if I had an automated writing device connected to my head, which printed out the words as soon as they were formed in my head.


Crazy, right?

Anyway, I need to write for myself, rather than for the pleasure of others. It’s like a way out for me, from the crazy world I live in. Its my sanctum.

Then I thought that anyone who can write, who can perceive things differently and can use words to describe it, has a gift and such gifts are meant to be shared.

Maybe someone somewhere, might find these writings, these ramblings helpful. And if I can help someone somewhere, its a blessing and its my way of returning gratitude to all those people who helped me throughout my short life.

I dedicate this blog to all those known and unknown people, who helped me at different points of time, knowingly or unknowingly.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time in reading this. I hope this reminds you of all the small deeds that we often neglect and forget to say thanks.

A small help, A big help, A few extra minutes spent for a good deed can go a long way.

And if you can, then lend your help to someone, you may never know, when you may need it yourself.

” By helping others, you will earn how to help yourself ”



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